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Hallikainen Instruments was founded January 1, 1952 by K. E. Hallikainen. In the early 1970's the company was sold to the TOTCO division of Baker Oil Tool. These pages will serve as an archive of Hallikainen Instruments documents.

The company started at 1341 7th Street in Berkeley, California. Small Press Distribution is currently located in that building. Hallikainen Instruments moved to Richmond in 1965 (the invitation to the ribbon cutting ceremony is available here). The building is currently occupied by Kensington Labs, a manufacturer of robotic wafer handling equipment for the semiconductor industry. In 2001, Kensington Labs merged with Newport Corporation, so there's no longer much evidence of the Richmond plant on their website. However, if we use the Wayback Machine, we can see some of the earlier web pages. For the complete Kensington Labs website archive, click here. A nice aerial photo of the building is located here. You can see the original office building. The manufacturing building has been expanded. The original rear wall of the manufacturing building is visible as a color variation in the photo of the roof.

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Mogens L. Bramson developed medical equipment at Hallikainen Instruments. A collection of his papers is here.

John Chin has submitted some photos and video of Hallikainen Instruments.

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